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2014 New Year’s Resolution: Start wearing the clothes I own.

Sounds ridiculous right…but I noticed that over the past few weeks I have been reaching in my closet for the same 4 or 5 items when I am getting dressed for work.

So on Jan 2 I pulled out every blazer, blouse, skirt, pant and dress that I had…


And for the next 18 days I am challenging myself to wear something that I love, yet rarely put on, every day!

I will also take a much needed hiatus from shopping.

It’s OUT with the new and IN with the old this month!

Day 1

Shirt — purchased in Kelly green many years ago at a shirt store in Toronto that no longer exists
Cardigan– on sale now $10.00 @ joe fresh
Skirt–Anne Klein @ the Bay
Necklace– Club Monaco


This look was inspired by local Toronto Stylist Sandra Pittana, as seen on the City Line Holiday show (she looked fab in a Apple green and pink ensemble)

Pittana is seated at the far right of the photo…not that she would be easy to miss!

I was also inspired by the classic cool of Kate Spade and J. Crew.

At this point in my career Spade and Crew are a little over budget but inspiration is …FREE!

I still cannot believe this outfit was hiding in plain sight in my closet and to think I almost gave this shirt away!

Can’t wait for tomorrow’s look!