ARMOUR by Seema
This up and coming Toronto based clothing and accessories designer has caught this blogger’s attention!

Seema, pictured above.

Her jewellery and “body armour” pieces are designed for a specific kind of woman.

A woman who has a wicked fierce sense of style.

A woman who is not interested in looking like everyone or anyone else.

A woman like me; and so far own 1 of her amazing pieces.

It is a gun metal body chain that I wear as a necklace to the office and as a body chain everywhere else.


Pictured above, Seema is wearing a combo of 3 of her pieces.
1. A spiked necklace ($65);
2. A shoulder chain that covers chest, back and shoulders ($65); and
3. A long body chain ($80).

Wear them all layered together to get this look, or one at a time.

Either way these sleek pieces pop right off a white T and jeans ensemble and the necklaces blend seamlessly with a power suit for the office with their dark metallic hues.

I would save the body chains for after work, but I have already worn mine as a necklace to the office, with plenty of compliments.

At the Guilty Pleasures vendor sale, held at the Drake Hotel on Sat, Feb 2 Seema’s designs demonstrated how to put a fresh spin on blue jeans and a white T-shirt.


This picture does the model no justice, she looked fabulous in the ARMOUR shoulder pieces and body chain.

1. Shoulder armour ($175)
2. Body chain ($85)

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The next time you want to update your jewellery, for the office or just for fun check out, ARMOUR by Seema, available at (follow link below):




Loving this line!

Happy Shopping!