Resolution Inspired

Now that the end of January is upon us it’s resolution check-in time.

1. How I want to dress for work this year?

A sleek sophisticated look that says, “Yes, I am a lawyer!”

2. Hitting spring fashion in a big way, I always say I’ll update my spring wardrobe but never do!


3. Sticking with my workout, I’ve been really good so far…using five days per week. FREE workouts!!!


This woman (pictured above) is so fit and strong, she truly inspires me at the gym, I highly recommend her website

4. To continue following and aspiring to be like people whose ambition and accomplishment inspire me.



After attending President Obama’s second inauguration, with the memories of attending his first still fresh on my mind, I know there is so much more I could be doing as a Canadian, as a lawyer and as a fellow human being!

To 2013, and all that is to come😊