What to wear to a job interview, to avoid showing too much (or any) cleavage or unsightly sweat stains:

As promised here are two of my fave tricks and tips for office fashion

Lace mini cami

1. The lace mini cami hooks onto your bra or tank top providing an extra layer of fabric between you and a plunging neckline.

This cami is a standard in my work wear as it provides the necessary coverage of a cami without the added bulk around the waist area.

It wears like a bandeau top, with the added feature that it hooks onto your bra straps to avoid slippage.



The lighter tank underneath was placed merely for effect as both the mini cami and the Judy are jet black, the idea however, is clear.

This piece, for only $10.00 gives you all of the cleavage coverage you need without compromising style or comfort.

Available in black and white; sizes x-small to XXL
@ Marshall’s $10.00

Clothing shields

2. This handy armpit clothing shield guards against the dreaded yellow staining that your deodorant/sweat may leave behind over time, permanently damaging your clothes.

These shields have also withstood the test of washing machines and dry cleaners.

Washing machine:

I typically wash on normal with cold water and either hang the item to dry or (rarely) throw the item in the dryer, either way the shields stay connected and effective for up to 4 washes. (Results may vary)

Dry cleaner:

The shields last much longer if the item is only being dry cleaned, I also find that I have to dry clean less often by using the shields.

Works really well on white collard work shirts; work dresses and any item with sleeves where the armpit of the shirt is snug or very close to your own.

Available at Shopper’s Drug Mart



The next time you are out running errands keep an eye open for these and other useful items that expand your wardrobe and preserve your clothing!

For more tips on dressing appropriately for the office check out this monster.ca link:

Happy shopping😄