Spy vs. Spy

This sharp blazer, shell and skirt ensemble were a steal from Femme de Carrier’s end of season sale!

Although it is well past Labour Day, I will be working this white linen blazer, with structured shoulder pads and matching white linen shell, or paired with the black and white blouse from part I of this series.

Does anyone strictly adhere to the “no white after Labour Day rule?”


Ensemble–Femme de Carrier (70% off end of season sale)

But it’s all in the details


The beauty of any great outfit is in the details.

This suit has some great accent points that are eye catching, however, not distracting. The gold accents at the single button on the blazer, and the exposed industrial zipper on the skirt I pair with a gold watch or earnings.

The collar accent button on the black and white blouse, is accompanied by the Brooks Brothers necklace with clasp atop the button.

Bringing it all Together

The best part of a black and white wardrobe is that you can mix and match for days and never run out of winning combinations.


Happy shopping!