Dressy Casual~The Irene Edition~Jail Bird

Like any good blogger worth their salt I like to give the people what they want. Lately, I have received a lot of requests to feature affordable items for the slightly less formal work environment.

Looking professional when working in a “Dressy Casual” environment can be a lot of fun…once you’ve figured it out.

However, this particular dress code can land any young professional woman in an uncomfortable meeting with HR over a “too short skirt” or gossip around the office behind your back over too much make up, inappropriate shoes or a “too deep neckline”.


Wednesdays will be dedicated to those of you who have more wiggle room in your choice of work attire, starting with~The Irene Edition.



Sweater–FCUK $39.99!

(special shout out to my girls who helped me put this shoot together!)