The “Rachael”

This series is inspired by my stylish co-worker Rachael who takes her Black, White and Grey wardrobe to the next level.

As you are all well aware by now, I love C-O-L O-U-R, however, black, white and grey ensembles can be timeless, season-less and work appropriate.

I hope you enjoy this series, and don’t fret Colour enthusiasts I’m bringing it back in a few!


Black and white blouse–Femme de Carrier, Fairview Mall (70% off end of season sale!)
For this top in taupe and orange check the link:
Black linen skirt– same as above
Black & white jacket–Theory (this jacket is my new fave thing, it is comfortable, breathable and always work appropriate)
Silver necklace–Brooks Brothers (30% off, comes with a matching bracelet, coming soon!)

Although this post is not part of the “Inspired by Mrs. O'” series…She looks fab in this adorable black and white polka dot dress