There is truly nothing like trusting your hairdresser because s/he is phenomenal! For those of you out there who love your hairdresser you know what I mean. You can shut your eyes and know s/he will do a great job!

For those of you who don’t…change hairdressers. He or she is a significant part of your professional look.

Signs of a good hairdresser:

1. S/he is knowledgeable in their field. They attend conferences, try out new products on themselves first and give you feed back,etc.

2. S/he gives you an informed opinion on your hair. How it grows, it’s strengths and weaknesses and how to give you the most flattering look. My hairdresser keeps a stock card for all of her clients with info on what their hair needs are.

3. They listen to what you want and make it happen!



My hair dresser:
Jackie @
Hair Flow–1898 Kennedy Rd, Kennedy and Ellesmere (north west corner)
Scarborough, ON