Why wear black, navy and dark grey 12 months a year to the office when the varying shades of neutral maintain a professional look while allowing your summer wardrobe to experiment with colour!

However, I would ask that you all weigh in on whether or not KHAKI SUITS are work appropriate? I find them a tad casual any thoughts?!?


Top $67.24 Femme de Carriere (regular price $100.00, right now it’s on sale for 30% off)

Skirt $41.40 Jacob (with 30% off at Oshawa Mall, not yet on sale at other locations, also comes in black…can’t recommend this skirt enough it fits so well and was reasonably priced)

Necklace $14.00 Jacob with 30% off

Sweater $49.00, Tank top $21.30 Jacob with 30% off.

Necklace and skirt same as above

(belt purchased at H&M several seasons ago)


Shopping Tip: if you’ve got the time it’s worth it to shop around
The second outfit shown was originally $300.00 I scored it for $164.00

I originally purchased the second outfit shown from JACOB in Oshawa Mall even though both the skirt and tank top were the wrong size just to take advantage of the 30% discount. The entire outfit was approx $164.00!!!

I then went to the JACOB in Fairview Mall, after calling to confirm that they had my size, and they did the exchange with the discounted price match, even though the items were not on sale there.

JACOB is a chain store that will price match any discount you receive from another JACOB so hang onto your receipt for 2 weeks.

While in Fairview to exchange my items I popped into Femme de Carriere just to take a look and found the lovely stone and orange colour block top, that just happened to be on sale as well. So that whole look just came together and I purchased 5 neutral pieces for my summer work wardrobe for less than the cost of the JACOB outfit at regular price!

Happy shopping ladies