Yes you read correctly a suit with leather accents that was under $200 and totally work appropriate!

This suit is a great sandy light grey, with leather accents on the sleeves, waist of the skirt and a runner down the front and back of the skirt. The leather is baby soft and aerated for a stylish streamlined look.

The jacket also converts into a crop jacket with the leather piece at the bottom removable by zipper.

If you haven’t noticed, I really like leather!

Special thanks to sales associate Mona at the BEDO; in Fairview Mall


This suit at BEDO $164.87, with the current promo of 30% (I also received an additional 15% for a damage discount on the skirt)

Caveat…if you happen to purchase this suit look out for the defect at the bottom of the zipper of the skirt…get a good leather seamstress and it is worth purchasing the suit.



Got the rip fixed for $15.00 at Metro Dry Cleaners at Kennedy and Lawrence in Scarborough
Metro Dry Cleaners 416-751-6677
Totally worth it!