In the spirit of sharing my tips and tricks of getting touched up in TO to look office ready, my fave place to fix up my brows has to be Perfect Threading at University and Dundas.


For $8 I am in and out in minutes, they are right off the subway line (steps from St. Patrick Station) and the service is always friendly…not to mention the awesome Bollywood movies that are usually playing in the background.


So if you are looking for a place to transform you from a uni-browed Bert (of the famous Bert and Ernie) to eye framing perfection, without the inevitable skin irritation of getting waxed, check out Perfect Threading on your lunch hour!


Locations: 700 University, 203 Dundas, 25 Carlton Monday to friday 9:30-7pm
(Carlton location 10-7) Don’t forget to grab a business card on your way out, after 9 visits the 10th eye brow threading is FREE!