This Year Spring Came Early…I’ve already seen women in open toe shoes…seriously!

To start the W2W (Wear 2 Work) Spring season off on a high note…I went window shopping for inspiration on Queen West.


Cute but not exactly work appropriate…can be found at The Room in the Bay (Eaton Centre) retail for about $895/pair


Ivanka Trump spring pump the Bay $145.00


Enzo Angiolini spring work pump…über cute in the $150-200 range…seriously considering the black and beige version


This great look is about $300 at Due West…a bit much for a micro mini pleated silk skirt, but the blouse was phenomenal


This whole look was about $125 at H&M on Queen St West…something about the prospect of wearing day time sequins at the office excites me


This look was in the window of Club Monaco, this store is usually my affordable work wear go to store, however, I found this season left much to be desired?!? Any other Club fans feeling like this season was a little whatevs?


Not Missoni, but sure is a good look-a-like…this cute little number is currently at BEDO on Queen West…not sure I could wear it to work…unless I place it under my “Casual Friday budget”