Whoever invented them must have been a cross between an evil genius, a retail mogul and a mysogynist!

You buy them because they complete your sexy-at-work look; then they snag, they rip, they lose their shape…the waist band goes and they’re at your damn ANKLES!

Mo Fo Pantyhose
by: wear2work

Mo Fo Pantyhose
by: wear2work


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At least I’ve learned to buy ’em cheap at WINNERS!

Do you I even bother with control top pantyhose anymore…NO…it’s all lies…all they do is hold you in place for 5 minutes until you sit down on the subway on your way to work…as soon as you stand up


The control top has rolled down and made a tight donut roll around the bottom of your gut and is pushing up the worst MUFFIN TOP!

Then you awkwardly try to yank them up underneath your skirt…or heaven help you…your work dress…by the end of the day all you have to show for it is indigestion, scratch marks on your belly and anger!

Maybe that’s just me!

Above: Anne Klein and Silk pantyhose purchased: total $24.00 for approx 4 pairs

not bad for a completely wasted investment…one of which has already ripped…arrggghhh…MO FO PANTYHOSE!


check out the video!!!