j. ro strikes again with a $17 new year’s eve dress, while I spent a whopping $186! but i love my dress…i love my dress…i love my dress…

Featured: Yours Truly rocking my newest party dress, along side up and coming designer Seema of Armour Clothing…look for her guest appearance on CIWTTW in the upcoming weeks as she prepares to launch her much anticipated spring collection.

My dress: Melanie Lynn $186 (not shown my awesome boyfriend sewing me into it after the cheapo zipper broke…arrrgghh! and Seema rocking a design from her fall pre-collection–Armour by Seema

the elusive, the one, the only…bargain hunter!

Dress: Papaya (USA) $17.00

J.RO has successfully attracted a few converts to her army of Bargain Hunters featured below I.C, J.Ro’s financial advisor and partner in crime.

 I.C. our resident financial advisor following in J Ro’s footsteps bargain hunted her entire NYE look: Rocking a wicked sequined skirt courtesy of FCUK $20!! Tank from Club Monaco $12 (with student discount…that’s right ladies…bust out your school I.D and receive an additional 20% off any item at Club Monaco); Necklace $25 Jacob.