Whenever I get the winter greys…I like to pop on some colour and head to the office

Coloured scarves and gloves are my favourite way to brighten up my winter look

Who says your winter look has to be drab and boring…I am addicted to colour and this purchase falls into my work and play budget, love a two-fer-one! (Purple leather gloves, Danier $29; Scarf, Danier $19)

The Burberry Me! look is uber chic in fall and winter. I drape this wrap over any and all things black and it is an instant classic.  Often I will just drape it over one shoulder, belted or not, adding a splash of pattern to an all black outfit (or tan). The long leather gloves are also one of my favourite pieces. Every year I lose a pair and every year I buy another to replace the last! (Burberry Wrap/Ear covers, gift; Long leather gloves, Winners $29; Belt, Tristan) The olive green gloves were a lucky find (while I was with my bargain hunter J.R.)  They match my olive green coat so well its as if they were bought together, instead of 4 years apart!  I try to stick to certain colour pallettes so I can easily add to my wardrobe without having to buy a million things to match a new piece (my big sister taught me that)! (Gloves, Danier $29; Coat Miss Sixty, Scarf H&M)I learned this cute trick while living in Victoria BC. It never gets too cold out there, so it is always knit cap season through the winter months, and everyone jazzes up their caps with broaches. I love this look, sparkly snow flake, may not be work appropriate, but it is fun! (Knit Hat, gift; Snowflake Broach Club Monaco; Butterfly Broach, Kiosk in Eaton Centre)Knit Cap with Snow FlakeAll in all I love to add colour to my winter look, to spice up the grey skies…share your winter pick-me-ups!