Whether shopping or just getting dressed for another day at the office I ALWAYS ask myself these 3 questions…so I thought I should share them with my BLOG world. This is my Wear2Work Test!

1. Is it Fab? Does it Fit? Does it Function?

Granted this was taken at a colleagues wedding, not the office, but this outfit met all three of my critera and I had a blast all night as we rubbed shoulders with work colleagues and her family!

Blazer–Zara, Top–Club Monaco, Skirt–Jacob, Shoes– Ivana Trump, Watch– Michael Kors, Jewellery–Bittersweet, Ridiculously Awesome Owl Cocktail Ring–Aldo!

Suites–Zara, Shirts–Brooks Brothers, Blouse-Club Monaco, Shoes–Ramdom Store in Victoria, BC

2. Is it Work or Play?

I have 2 budgets when shopping, the “Work Budget” and the “Play Budget”. But when it comes to rockin’ it to work I have to remind myself that putting a blazer over “Play Clothes” does not always cut it…Nor does adding jeans to a suit!

3. Can I AFFORD it??!!??

I have literally bankrupted my poor little chequing account countless times because I absolutely, postively had to have some shoe, coat, shirt, suit…because it was an “INVESTMENT PIECE”!

I still don’t think I know what the word “investment” actually means…However, I do believe that I have pieces I’ll rock forever so I will splurge but I try to keep myself in check.

I admit that I am an Aquarian fashion junkie who emotionally shops…but I TRY to reign myself in!!!

Don’t judge me:-P